From May 2020 to May 2021, the Orem Business Alliance held monthly webinars to facilitate business networking, teach valuable skills, and to further build up the business community in Orem. Because of COVID-19, in-person meetings were not allowed/safe, so we had to find other ways to get our businesses together. We held free online webinars where experts taught us about business topics that are relevant and valuable to Orem businesses. Check out the webinars below, and sign up to receive emails about our IN PERSON Lunch & Learn events. Not receiving those emails? Sign up below!

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Past Webinars

“Overcoming the Fear of Failing” with Illens Dort

For May’s webinar, we had the pleasure of learning from Illens Dort, Founder and CEO of International Aid Serving Kids, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business scholar, and founder and CEO of HumanEkdromi. Illens is a certified speaker, trainer, and coach, and the author of the new book “The 5 Secret Fears of Failing in Business”.

Past Webinars

April 2021 Webinar – “Cyber Security for Businesses”
February 2021 Webinar – “Tips to Fortify Your Business Against Crime”
January 2021 Webinar – “Lessons  Learned from 2020”
December Webinar – “2020 Stand-Out Business Awards”


November Webinar – “How to Make Your Products & Services Sell Themselves” with Greg Whelan
October Webinar – “Networking Amid the Pandemic” with Logan Wilkes of Truss
September Webinar – “Keeping Employees Happy, Healthy, and Engaged” with Zemi Wellness
July Webinar – “Understanding Current Funding Assistance Programs” with M.A.G. and S.B.D.C.
May Webinar – “Meet the Money” with Central Bank and Business Loans of Utah

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